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*Torrent de Mortitx, between Lluc and Pollença. The upper part ist a hike with some places where you need your hands. But for the last section you need technical equipment and canyoning knowledge. A big problem is returning when you reach the mouth of the canyon. You could either swim  to the next cove (only if the sea is calm, it takes 30 minutes) or take the difficult  "via ferrata" on the cliff.


   *Torrent des Gorg des Diners, between Binis and Cala Tuent.

   *Torrent des Gorg Blau (Sa Fosca), our most difficult canyon. The most beautiful and impressive section is "Sa Fosca": the canyon is so narrow that the light doesn't reach the bottom.

    *Torrent de Coanegra,  between Orient and Santa Maria.

    *Torrent de Na Mora, between Port de Sóller and Cala Tuent.

    *Torrent des Lli and Torrent des Salt,  above the "Port de Valldemossa".

     *Torrent de l´Ofre, between L´Ofre and Biniaraix.

     *Torrent d´Almadrà, between Cúber reservoir and Lloseta.

     *Torrent del Molinet, below Fartàritx, near Pollença.


 ►► For more information, there is a Majorcan book: "Els torrents clàssics de la Serra de Tramuntana" M. Trias, F. Ramon.